The shareholders and former managers of the company Huss Maschinenfabrik in Bremen, Hans Karl von Winterfeld and Michael Pledl, founded the company GAMBIT LEISURE GMBH in 1999.
For everyone in the leisure business, both names are practically synonymous with the many years of success of Huss Maschinenfabrik and the pioneering Huss product itself during their period of management.

Von Winterfeld is known as one of the truly first-class connoisseurs of the European fairground and amusement rides business. His success and almost 25 years of experience in this business have resulted in personal contacts with many European theme parks and show and amusement ride operators.

Michael Pledl has been in this business for nearly 27 years. Well-known in the trade both in Germany and abroad, he was a founder member and for 12 years also the Chairman of the VDV (the Association of German Amusement Ride Manufacturers). For many years he was a member of the show committees of Interschau, he is a member of the Advisory Board of the London Park Show (ATEI), he was the representative of this industry in the Working Committee “Temporary Structures” as well as a member of the Booth Allocation Committee of the IAAPA, he is one of the representatives for the industry on the M+S Committee of the IAAPA and served on their Board of Directors for four years. All this is supplemented by many other activities, offices and appointments.


PREMIER RIDES is without doubt the most innovative American producer of roller coasters and water coasters. Coasters such as MR. FREEZE, THE MAD COBRA, OUTER LIMITS and the LIQUID COASTER are signs of the times as well as signposts for the latest in coaster engineering with the most up-to-date drive technology, such as for example the LIM drive (inductive linear motors).
GAMBIT LEISURE is the representative of BOB'S SPACE RACERS and SKEE BALL, the world market leaders for the so-called “Watergames”, “Racegames”, “Arcade” and “Midway” games and other non-gambling games (games of skill) in Europe and in certain other regions of the world.

For CAMBER ENTERTAINMENT, the most active company among the European manufacturers of simulators, GAMBIT LEISURE contributes its good customer relations in selected European markets - a highly promising connection with world-class products from the simulators industry.

With EMT (Elektromobil Technik), also a world market leader for coin-operated entertainment machines for children and for machines and concepts for “Urban Entertainment Centers”, an alliance exists in the fields of marketing, planning and consulting for the EMT products and concepts among different groups of customers, market segments and areas of the world.

INTERACTIVE RIDES is a young company from the USA that already has wide experience in tower rides and that instantly catches attention with innovative solutions for technology and capacity in pneumatically operated amusement rides. We represent this company world-wide.
SUNSTRUCK, also from the USA, offers the most modern maintenance solutions for amusement rides. Maintenance systems are created for every application using the most advanced technology.

FANTASY ENTERTAINMENT is the world market leader among other things in the development of photo, sticker and portrait studios. In the leisure industry the company is well-known for products with sensational sales figures in the photo sector.

SCS INTERACTIVE has revolutionised the world of active water and dry games. The company is quite simply the benchmark for interactive games.

Last but not least, GAMBIT LEISURE markets exclusively for the leisure sector the sensational new CREATIVE COLOUR CONCEPTS, a transfer print product which captivates by virtue of its quality, value for money and brilliance of colour. This new process makes it possible for leisure businesses of all sizes to design their own, individual advertising and promotion on merchandise articles in a quality hitherto unknown.


In the services sector, GAMBIT LEISURE is the specialist and the contact partner of the leisure industry when it is a question of sales of business enterprises (spin-offs, stake acquisitions) and strategic purchases of enterprises. Long experience in amalgamations & acquisitions (sales, stake acquisitions, mergers, alliances and takeovers) in the leisure sector as well as setting up contacts and co-operations in this field with internationally well-known enterprises distinguish GAMBIT LEISURE and make the company a No. 1 address.
Consulting in connection with mobile leisure facilities (amusement rides) as well as the purchase and sales of such facilities are further important fields of activity. Here, special importance is attached to the quality of the traded products, as for many customers trade in secondhand amusement rides is today still a matter not entirely without risk. The professional appraisal of the value of amusement rides numbers among the services offered.
The acquisition of shares in companies is just as much part of the GAMBIT LEISURE business activities as the short, medium and long-term renting or leasing out of rides and equipment.

A further focus of the company’s activities is consulting and active support and follow-up of large-scale projects in the leisure industry world-wide. In such cases, besides the familiar consulting activities, in particular personnel recruitment for new projects is an important aspect of the service package offered.
Today GAMBIT LEISURE is the top address for all enterprises who wish to profit from the state of the art in technology and quality, or who wish to change their organisation for any reason whatever.