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In the services sector, GAMBIT LEISURE is the specialist and the contact partner of the leisure industry when it is a question of sales of business enterprises (spin-offs, stake acquisitions) and strategic purchases of enterprises. Long experience in amalgamations & acquisitions (sales, stake acquisitions, mergers, alliances and takeovers) in the leisure sector as well as setting up contacts and co-operations in this field with internationally well-known enterprises distinguish GAMBIT LEISURE and make the company a No. 1 address.
Consulting in connection with mobile leisure facilities (amusement rides) as well as the purchase and sales of such facilities are further important fields of activity. Here, special importance is attached to the quality of the traded products, as for many customers trade in secondhand amusement rides is today still a matter not entirely without risk. The professional appraisal of the value of amusement rides numbers among the services offered.
The acquisition of shares in companies is just as much part of the GAMBIT LEISURE business activities as the short, medium and long-term renting or leasing out of rides and equipment.


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